About ASGI

When ASGI started its operations in Agra, 5 decades back, it was amongst the handful laboratory glasswares manufacturers, in India. The concept of glass blowing was not more then a decade old, then. Today, ASGI is best known as a place where "Art meets Science".

It has become a Synonym for wide range of Laboratory Glasswares of highest quality, its customer satisfaction and its service. ASGI is an ISO 9001:2000 Certified company, also awarded with the prestigious Bharat Vikas Ratan Award, in the year 2008-09, for being the industry innovator, since over 5 decades now.

In accordance with its infrastructure & strong work force of Experienced & Technically skilled glass blowers, ASGI products are traceable to various National or International Standards. Our glasswares are very much suitable for work in various universities, govt. institutions, medical & research labs, industries, etc etc.

Today, by combining its vast experience of over 5 decades, its premium quality with flawless services, highly skilled & efficient work force, all these at very reasonable prices, ASGI positions itself as one of the most reliable and leading companies of India.


Continuing the company tradition of innovation & value to the customers by having close dialogues & personal attention. Thus, enabling us to provide novel solutions to their very specific needs which couldn't have been possible by adopting the traditional approach or techniques.


Make our presence felt in every chemical testing laboratory due to our Brilliant Quality at Lowest Prices strategy.
Bharat vikas navoday ratan
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