ASGI takes pride for being known for its wide range of lab glass wares products, complying to various ISO, BIS, ASTM Standards. All ASGI glass wares are fabricated using 3.3 Low Expansion ASTM E-438 Type 1, Class "A", Borosilicate glass with uniform thickness. This glass is resistant to attack from Acids, Salt Solutions & Organic solvents.

All ASGI glass wares are blown by highly skilled & internationally trained blowers to ensure the uniform wall thickness, the exact shape and dimensions, so as to give the maximum mechanical strength and proper calibrated results.

ASGI's range of glass wares can be categorized in the following sections

Calibrated Volumetric Glass wares

The most commonly used calibrated glass wares are Volumetric Flasks, Pipettes, Measuring Cylinders and Burettes. These glass wares are calibrated at a specific temperature " to contain ( TC ) " or " to deliver ( TD ), Very Accurate amount of liquid. Each glassware has an unique number printed on them, traceable to its Individual Calibration Certificate and to the reference Standard.

Amber Glasswares

Light sometimes cause decay to some substances kept in the glass containers. So to protect these substances from the effect of UV light, the exterior of the glass wares are Amber color. This amber color, blocks the light and preserves the quality of the content.

Interchangeable Joints Glass wares

Ground joint glass wares are used in laboratories to Quickly and Easily fit Leak-Tight glass wares together.

Sintered Glass wares

Sintered glass wares are used for the filtration of liquids and gasses in the laboratory. It incorporates a porous glass disc as a filter media, which is non-corrosive and reusable. It is also use for gas washing, dispersion and absorption. Sintered disc is manufactured by crushing borosilicate glass, powdering, cleaning, separating into various mesh sizes and then fusing together in the form of a disc. The sintered disc is graded into 4 grades – G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4. These grades are classified by maximum pore size.

Customized Glasswares

Even though there are 1000s of various types of glass wares available, some chemists needs some specific glass wares customized, according to his specific dimensions and requirements.
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